Sweet and salty dates to start

Sweet and salty dates

Whenever my Mom and Dad used to invite people over for dinner they always made something a little more special out of the ordinary besides the casual potato chips and nuts as a snickity snack before dinner.

Lets just say I grew up with quite the standards when it comes to hosting dinner parties. So the bar was set when I started hosting my own din din parties. 😉 And we so happened to have one last sunday. With a lot of casual snack and somewhat more out of the ordinary. Obvi.

We had homemade mango chutney with tortilla chips or spelt crackers, cherry tomatoes and dried tomatoes, olive, spelt breadsticks with olive tapenade and bresaola and… the nyummie babies below. Which were an absolute success. We ate dates this way in Italy a few weeks ago and I immediately decided to remake these as soon as possible when we got home.

So this was an excellent occasion to do just that. Ready in the blink of an eye and ahmagad they’re delicious!

You’ll need

  • Medjool dates (I took 2 per person)
  • Breasaola (or any other dried meat)
  • Goat cheese


Pit the dates and cut them in half.

Fill the each date with some goat cheese.

Wrap the meat around and secure with toothpick.


Bon appetit,

xo, Kirsten

*you can pop them in the oven for a while to make the meat crunchy and to melt the goat cheese. But I don’t think it’s necessary. Might work in winter, but since our party was at 30°C we went for ‘the colder the better.


Chickpeas go Chips peas

Healthy Snack// Chips Peas

It’s chips but not so much. It’s minus all the gross, fatty, chemical and greasy stuff. Like. Forget Oven Baked so called ‘healthy’ chips, and DEF forget about plain chips. If you crave a big bag of chips, make these and thank me later!

I love them. Mind you, it’s a treat. So nop, you should not be making (and eating) these every single night. Unless you’re a daily 10K runner. But, instead of empty calories and no nutritional value whatsoever that you get from chips, these chickpeas are healthy and they count as nutrition. So they’re calories your body can put into good use. With plain chips, your body can’t do anything but gain weight and add some extra fat on your tummy and hips. And you don’t want that with summer lurking around the corner, right?

It’s easy PEASy. Pun intended. And it tastes delish. Can’t wait to serve these at my very next dinner party! 🙂

You’ll need

  • 1 can of chick peas (preferably organic)
  • Himalayan pink Salt
  • Spicy curry, oregano, paprika powder,… (you can season them with whatever taste you crave)
  • 1 tbsp of olive oil
  • Baking paper


Preheat your oven to 200°C.

Remove the chickpeas from the can and rinse them very well with cold water.

Now dab them dry with a paper towel. You’ll want to make sure they’re very dry, because they’ll be extra crisp without the moist.

Add the chickpeas in a bowl and sprinkle some olive oil on top. Now add as much herbs as you want. I always start with some pink salt and add whatever I crave afterwards. Want plain salt or salt and pepper or curry… Just mix and match.

Put a baking paper on an oven tray and spread the chickpeas on top. Now pop in the oven for about 15 minutes.

Flip the chips around and pop back in the oven for another round. I would suggest 5 extra minutes, but you’ll have to watch them carefully and remove when you feel they’re crispy enough.

So so sooo good. Even the boyfriend was game. Buh-bye chips.

xo, Kirsten

Fall perfection: pumpkin soup


I love coming home from work and being able to eat a cup of soup before starting to prepare dinner. I am always hungry when I arrive home, so a big pot of soup waiting on the counter for me to arrive is dang great! Since cold days are slightly returning – and I’m starting to long for snuggly blankets, pajama days and loads of tea – I thought it was about time to make a big batch of soup for us to enjoy on weekdays. My favorite soup is pumpkin soup. It’s perfect for this time of year and the slight sweet taste is comforting on cold days. I say: fall perfection! It’s my mom’s recipe, and I’ve loved it ever since I was a kid…

You’ll need

(Difficult to say how many servings, depends on how much take each time :), if you eat it all, it will be 771 kcal, but it will be quite amazing if you can finish the whole lot at once though!)

  • 1kg pumpkin
  • 2 yellow onions
  • 4 carrots
  • 1 tbs Kurkuma
  • Some basil leaves
  • Salt and pepper
  • One chicken broth cube
  • water
  • A small handful of rice


cut up your onion, carrots and pumpkin and put them in a large casserole. Add the chicken broth cube and add water until all veggies are covered. Put on a high heat, when the water starts to cook leave to simmer for about a half an hour. Add kurkuma and salt and pepper and the basil leaves. (I often add more once my soup is mixed, because then you can taste)

Mix everything until your soup looks smooth and there are no pieces left. You could sieve it, to make sure your soup is really smooth without any chunks, but I don’t really mind if it isn’t perfect :). Add a handful of rice and leave to cook until the rice is ready (or even longer). I usually add some rice to make my soup a little thicker. I love thick soup, and this is a little trick I learned form my mom to obtain just that!

Et voila, serve extremely hot in a nice bowl. 😉

* I usually fill some jars and put them in the freezer. First of all: it’s a lot of soup, and in that way, you can enjoy it for a long winter to come!

Bon appetit!

xo, Kirsten