King crab and quinoa quickie


Whenever you’re in hurry, or, Whenever you’re like “I don’t feel like cooking, but I have to eat something and we I’m so not in the mood for eating out and paying way to much for a whole lot of crap…” This will be your recipe!

When I don’t feel much for cooking but – nonetheless – still feel much for eating, a lot, I’ll usually grab some leftovers from the fridge and mix up some sort of a salad. Or ramble them together in an egg and eggwhite omelette. Easy and healthy dinner options. (Or I may eat breakfast for dinner. Sometimes it happens.)

Something else to consider – whenever you know a busy week is ahead –  is to always cook a bit more quinoa or rice then you’re planning to eat. Because the leftover portion makes a great base for a salad the next day. Proof found below. And you can keep it for ages in an airtight container in your fridge. Tupperware whores for the win!

We always have a huge collections of seeds and nuts in our cabinets. As do we have endless rows with cans of fish and salad proof veggies in the fridge. This time I bought something a bit more out of the ordinary: canned king crab and I decided to combine it with whatever was leftover in our fridge. Enters a King Crab salad that belongs on a Michelin star menu. 😉

You’ll need (serves 2)

  • A can of king crab (tuna or salmon will work too)
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Baby cucumber
  • A zucchini (or another leftover vegetable)
  • 140g quinoa
  • Red onion
  • 2 tbsp of pumpkin seeds
  • Olive oil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Salt and pepper


Cook the quinoa (unless it’s a leftover portion from the day before) as stated on the package.

Slice the zucchini and grill them on a high heat for a few minutes on each side.

Now add all ingredients to a big bowl and mingle until everything is a hot king crab mess.

And you’re done. Serve while cold.

Bon appetite!

Xo, Kirsten



Thai beef salad

spicy thai beef salad

Sometimes, my inner rabbit screams for greens. Enters: a salad for dinner. IDC if it’s a super summer kind of dinner in the midst of winter >> I eat enough mash things and oven roasted dins to mix it up with a salad every once in a while. And uh, since Belgium had the hottest 8th of March in like ever (yeh, records fell. 19°C during winter. I luv it), a salad couldn’t be more appropriate.

Now. I know the basic salad is usually accompanied by fish. Chicken. Or shrimp/prawns. This time, I chose steak. ‘Thai beef salad’ always makes me mouthwater – before I even see the actual result – when stumbled upon on a lunch menu. So. Um. How about I try to make my own version for dinner. Spicey and sweet at the same time to me is like: bring. It. On.

This is perf’ after a munch-weekend with lots of family dinners and restaurant date nights. A regular weekend to me. Kind of.

Which makes most Mondays the usual sorry-but-not-so-sorry-I-ate-THAT-much-yesterday-and-the-day-before kind of dinners. In that case, I present you: thai beef salad. And I may or may not accompanied that with my healthy lemonade on the side.

Mmkay. Here you go my little munchers:

You’ll need (serves two)

  • 300g steak
  • 1 pomegranate
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • Salad (pick your fave)
  • 4 to 6 tbsp roasted sesam oil
  • 3 lemons, juiced
  • 1/2 red chili pepper
  • 1 handful of cilantro
  • Pink Himalayan sea salt
  • Black pepper
  • Stevia (or sugar)


Bake your beef for about three minutes on each side (or more, if you prefer it well done). After, cover your pan with some tin foil and leave to rest.

Meanwhile, prep your salad.

Cut up your bell pepper. I baked it for a few minutes on a medium heat in a grill pan. But raw works too. Remove the pits from the pomegranate. I gathered the juice from the pomegranate too, in a bowl.

Remove the white seeds from the chili pepper (unless you love spicy. Like. Real spicy) and chop the pepper finely. Add them to the pomegranate juice bowl. Chop the cilantro and mix together with the chili-pomegrante juice together with the lime juice, sesame oil and Himalayan salt and pepper. Add some stevia to taste. If you like things spicy, you wont need much sweetness so be gentle with the stevia (or sugar). I think I added a good teaspoon.

Slice the steak. Add on top of your salad. Now add the sauce and put the pomegranate seeds on top.

This salad is the Light and super summer.

Bon appetit!

xo, Kirsten

The day after crackers

Avo egg white crackers

When I feel the need to act majorly healthy-ass to compensate a big-ass unhealthy meal from the day before (oops.) I usually tend to go for a salad or crackers for lunch the day after.

But. Even with few ingredients you can have a low calorie fiesta on your plate. Like. No biggie to cut down for one day.

Sunday I was in need of small portions and healthy meals the whole dang day through (after lots of bubbly drinks and sushi the day before. And I may or may not have eaten some candy too. Ok. Not some. A lot.)

It’s an easy lunch. But. Just wanted to share it with you guys in case you’re ever lost for inspiration and in need of a quick and healthy lunch option. It’s delish. Obvi.

Avocados are a MUST on your weekly menu. Sure, they are high in fatty calories, but their benefits weigh out the cals. I mean, they contain healthy fats. Your body needs fat. Low fat diets are so 90’s. Yeh. Keep that in mind!

I did skip the yolk this time, because I already got enough fat from the avo and wanted a lot of omelet. So low cal egg whites were the way to go. But you can add as much yolk as you want.

You’ll need (serves one, 350 kcal)

  • Two Krag spelt crackers (spelt, so gluten free. You could go whole wheat too if you want. Just don’t pick nasty-ass white bread or crackers! You – and your belly – may thank me later)
  • ½ avocado
  • 3 egg whites
  • Pink Himalayan salt
  • Pepper
  • Curry powder


Now easy. Bake the egg whites. I scrambled them, because I think an egg white omelet looks a bit strange. It’s like an enormous white pancake. Scrambled looks way tastier. Add salt and pepper to taste and some curry powder.

Now add the eggs on top of the crackers with some avocado slices.

Finish with a good amount of pink salt and pepper and some more curry powder.

You’ll love.

I promise.

xo, Kirsten

Let’s talk Omelet

Salmon Fritatta

Nothing is more comforting than an egg in the morning. Or for lunch. Or for dinner. I mean, if you ever get a boyfriend-breakfast-in-bed treat, an egg on the platter is the bare minimum. Scrambled, sunny side up, egg whites only or hard/soft boiled. IDC. Always njam.

But, besides breakfast, an egg makes a perf’ dinner option too. It’s easy and it’s quick. A description that always sounds so dang good, in my opinion. It’s usually a kind of wait-and-watch-it-get-ready style of cooking. Just have to poke it every once in a while with a fork, and that’s basically all the cooking you’ll be doing. So this salmon fritatta came straight from egg heaven, it’s that good. The recipe was originally from Donna Hay, but I healthyfied it. Like yeah. Du-uh. If you want the real deal and splurge your ass off, go to page 72 in her cookbook. 🙂 (But my version tastes the same. And I should know, I’ve tried them both.)

You’ll need (serves two people, about 500kcal pp. Depends on what you do with the eggs)

  • 4 eggs, two egg whites (but you can go all egg white, or all plain eggs or another egg-mix. Whatevs. Just a small suggestion: a yolk contains good fats, so don’t be afraid to eat the yolk. If you’re dieting, you might want to skip the yolk and go egg white only. Like no calories whatsoever.)
  • 150g of smoked salmon
  • Some lemon zest
  • 170g low fat greek yoghurt (Instead of fat-ass/unhealthy cream. Eww/yuk. You will thank me later!)
  • 400g potatoes, peeled and diced (if you had a major workout, you can do 500g. If it’s a sunday and you sat on your ass the whole dag through, do 300g 😉 )
  • 60ml water
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • salt and pepper


Add a large wok pan to a medium heat. Add coconut oil, potatoes and water. Put a lit on an leave to simmer for about 15 minutes until the potatoes are soft.

Meanwhile whisk together your eggs with greek yoghurt and lemon zest. Add salt and pepper. Whisk until your greek yoghurt doesn’t clutter anymore and it’s one smooth batter. Cut the smoked salmon in to small slices.

Add the eggs to the potatoes. Stir once and put the salmon slices on top. Leave to simmer for about 5 to 8 minutes. Use a fork during the process to make sure the moist egg also cooks.

Serve with some salad if you want.

Bon appetit!

xo, Kirsten

Cheese. Meat. Figs.

Wasa with fig

This is my favorite lunch. Or sometimes breakfast. It has it al. Crunch from the crackers, salt from the cheese and meat and sweetness from the figs. I think Figs are my favorite fruit. So good.

Not much to it really, but I’ll share the ‘recipe’ just to make sure. 😉

You’ll need (serves 1 person, about 300 kcal)

  •  4 ‘lightweight’ Wasa Crackers (you can do toasted bread too, if you want. Bit more calories though.)
  • 40g of meat (whatever you prefer here, you can pick prosciutto di parma for example)
  • 40g goat cheese
  • 1 large fig


As mentioned above, there isn’t really much to explain here. I start by adding goat cheese on my cracker, layer some meat on top and add two or three (depending on size) of fig slices. And DONE.

It tastes delicious!

Bon Appetit.

xo, Kirsten

Meet ‘courghetti’


I’m ready to share my favorite carb swap with you. I know we’ve already covered the bread bun to Portobello burger bun swap, the parsnip mash instead of potato mash and the sweet (oven roasted) potato fries instead of regular potato fries … But now, I’d like to share my absolute top notch carb swap with you: zoodles. Or as I like to call them in Dutch: Courghetti. Combines Courgette – zucchini – with Spaghetti.

I know pasta is not the way to go if you are looking to slim down a tad bit. On the contrary. Pasta dishes are usually my cheat eats, because they’ll make me look bloated and I’ll def gain weight the day after I ate them. Carbs maybe yummy, they stay on my tummy. And I have to admit, I’ve been eating like I wanted to look like a jolly Santa during the Christmas and New Years festivities. And now I have to pay the bill: slightly tight jeans and puffy (red) cheeks. 🙂 Sooo, back on track, healthy all the way (and also back into sporty spice mode)

Courghetti (or zoodles if you prefer) is great for whenever you’re craving dang carbalicious pasta but want to cut back on carbs. You’ll almost trick your mind into thinking you’re eating the real deal. It’s the greatest invention food wise since pasta itself. I’m serious. You can combine it with your favorite sauce (think: bolognese, carbonara, cheese,…) and still keep it a light and healthy meal. Which usually isn’t the case with pasta dishes.

Not much directions to it realy, but I have to admit a good tool to slice the zucchini is key. I have this easy tool where you pop in the zucchini, twist, and out comes the noodle looking zucchini. Otherwise, you’ll need to be an amazing cutter of some sort to get the same result. But a slicer with teeth will get you a long quite fine too.

Don’t use the seeds though. They are too soft to be anything like pasta. (you could, however, add them to your sauce if you don’t care to waste.) That’s why I’ll always count a zucchini per person when making courghetti. It’s light, remember, so you can easily eat one whole a person.

Pop them into a large pan with some pre-heated coconut oil or olive oil and stir fry until warm. Make sure you don’t fry them too long. You want your ‘pasta’ Al dente (with a little bite), not soft and  dewy.

And that’s all folks!

Easy peazy, lemon squeezy and absolutely delishious and guilt free!

xo, Kirsten

Foodie in Amsterdam

BFF amsterdam time

I recently spent an entire weekend in Amsterdam with my bestie. It’s a tradition we try to uphold every year during Christmas break. This time we stayed at the Mercure Hotel, little outside the center of Amsterdam. But there’s a bus stop around the corner where a bus passes by every 15 minutes that drives you straight to the ‘Leidseplein’, which is right next to all the shops.

Anyhow we acted like real foodies and found some real gems for lunch, dinner and for snack-time. So, since this blog is all about food, why not share my favorite restaurants abroad? It’s a nice change in between the recipe’s :). So without any further ado, hereby my favorite (recently discovered and approved) spots in Amsterdam, a city in The Netherlands:

Lunch at SLA

First of all, after a huge breakfast at the hotel, you might want to take it easy for lunch. So off to SLA you go. ‘Sla’ means salad in Dutch (obvi). And that is basically the perfect name for the place. When you enter you’ll immediately see their big bar stacked up with greens and veggies. The people from SLA will take a big bowl and start off by filling it with a plain salad leaf. You can then add things within a few easy steps: first, pick your leaf (rocket salad, mixed salad,…),  then pick a dressing (all 100% vegan), choose a grain, seed or legume (I totally went for lentils. Love them. But I was considering quinoa, but Roxan got that), now pick three veggies (you name it, they have it! I chose pumpkin, broccoli and cherry tomatoes), after you choose a topping (I went for parmesan cheese, but it can be anything from seeds to herbs or even olives). I also took the extra premium addition an chose some beef slices on top. With a green tea on the side… It tasted great. And the whole thing only cost 13euros. Can’t go wrong for that price. And believe you me, it’s a huge salad and the don’t go easy on the veggies and legumes. My kind of salad. Also, the bottles of water with some cucumber slices – for you to take for free – are so cute and are the little extra that makes this a great spot. Place to go for lunch, for sure!

Ceintuurbaan 149 – Amsterdam (Open from 12.00 – 21.00) Website: 

4 O’clock snack. Or 10 O’clock if you please. ‘De Taart Van Mijn Tante’

We all know that two full days of sales hunting and shopping and strolling around counts as cardio. Def. So you’re allowed to have a snack. Or two. Throughout your city trip. (and might I add that carrying heavy loaded shopping bags – especially if you’re anything like me and always have to buy shoes – count as some serious weight lifting) Off course we went for a Starbucks stop to enjoy the wifi (addicts for sure) and a brownie. (Oh, might be good to know that all places mentioned in this post provide free Wifi. Just ask the waiters :)) But if you are looking for something a bit more special to have a rest and to comfort your sweet tooth you should go to ‘de taart van mijn tante’ (my auntie’s pie). The interior is a ‘merry kitsch mess’ filled with pretty antique chairs and cosy colored tables and lamps. I love that. It feels like you are sitting inside a huge, artificially colored cupcake. Perfection. (Maybe not the best place to take the boyfriend) Roxan and I both chose the ‘chocolate slut pie’. Because, what’s in a name? And you’ll be pleased to know: it wasn’t too heavy on the tummy. Make sure you schedule a piece of pie from the auntie when in Amsterdam. You won’t be sorry! 😉 I believe it’s kind of mandatory.

Ferdinand Bolstraat 10 (daily open from 10.00 – 18.00) Website: 

Sushi Dinner at hotspot Izakaya

I love sushi. To such an extent that I could eat it on a daily base. I love to discover new combinations. Even though I’ll always order something tuna. But, if people tell me the latest place to be in Amsterdam is a sushi restaurant I need no further convincing. Izakay is part of the Sir Albert hotel. If you are an unknowing tourist, you’ll walk straight past it. If you are a well prepared and a thoroughly researched foodie tourist (*cough*), you’ll walk straight in. And that’s exactly what we did. The interior is very lofty and loungy. I’m not sure if that’s the correct way to describe an interior, but you guys will have to do it with that. 🙂 Eye catcher is a huge wooden bar (where we didn’t get to sit at, because we were a little late with reservations) right in the middle of the restaurant surrounded by small and cozy tables. We sat right next to the kitchen and got to see the sushi magic happen. When they hand you the menu they give you three options (or at least, that’s what our waiter did): either you follow a menu, which costs about 75 euros per person, or you pick three to four options from their menu (and there are a lot of options) per person that they will put in the middle of the table so you can share, or you can put your trust into your waiter and let him pick out three to four options for you.  We combined our own picks (these girls need their tuna and shrimps when eating sushi) with picks from our waiter and fair to say we had a great dinner! We went for three options each, which filled us up fine. But, if you are a big eater and didn’t go for pie earlier on, I suggest you pick four. 😉 It’s the perfect romantic getaway for a datenight or a great girlsnight place. You’ll love it, I promise. It’s a little more pricey then your everyday street corner sushi spot. But it is so worth it

Sir Albert Hotel – Albert Cuypstraat 2-6 (+31 20 30 53 090) Website:

Et voila. Those were our discoveries from the past weekend. Amsterdam really is one of my favorite cities in Europe. If any of you have some other great Amsterdam-foodie experiences, feel free to share them below. Will be much appreciated. 🙂

And as usual: bon appétit!

Xoxo, Kirsten