Coco Cubes


I don’t like coconut water.

But I’m such a sucker for anything ‘healthy’, so I really (really, really) want to like coconut water. But as of today, it still tastes like water with a package of funky tasting sugar inside to me. And, I sure love things sweet. But let’s just say this isn’t my kind of sweet.

Now, you might wonder why I want to like coconut water and why it’s any healthier than plain water?


First things first: I often get sick and tired of my daily doses of water. (8 glasses, pfeww) Because, let’s stay honest it does not taste ‘good’. It tastes like nothing. And sometimes I want some taste when I drink. Enters: bucket loads of green tea or apple & cinnamon tea. But I don’t want tea when it’s 25°C out. Enters: homemade lemonade, or this one (I’m not going to drink the sicky store bought kind with processed sugar). But that’s so much fuzz for a quick drink. So. Coconut water. Would be perf. If it wasn’t for the yuckie taste.

And it’s not only a different taste I crave. Coconut water – not to be confused with coconut milk – is super healthy and good for your bod. ESP after a morning cardio sesh, usually the time when I tend to drink it. Let me break it down to you why you should start drinking coconut fluids rather today than tomorrow:

It’s a natural sports drink. The reason I ALWAYS drink it after my morning jog session or evening yogamat toning sessions. Coconut water is also known as ‘the natural Gatorade’ for its high levels of electrolytes and minerals. Exactly what you sweat out during physical activity. That’s why re-hydrating is essential when excersising. Many sports drinks say they’ll replenish those electrolytes, but they’re ‘added’. Along with a lot of sugar. Y’all don’t want processed sugar in that wannabe toned bod of yours! So: grab a coconut water, the natural sports drink, for a electrolyte and mineral replenish after you break a sweat. And done.

But, that’s not the only reason I’m promoting coconut water (if only I was paid to say this 😉 ).  This fruit water also contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins, NATURAL sugars and proteins (another thing you’ll need after a workout). It has been sad to help hydrate, cool body temperature and maintain immune system balance.

It’s also been said to aide a body’s immune system when fighting cancer, diabetes and even AIDS. But I have not done any ‘in depth’ research about that, so I wouldn’t just believe those statements without any further research or scientific reports on that matter. Then again: I don’t think it hurts to drink it. Better than diet coke to say the least!

It also supposedly settles the stomach when feeling nausea. So. Hangover cure!

Anyhow, I found a way to enjoy coconut water without a prob. Behold: coconut water ice cubes.

I’ll add two or three to my glass of water after my workout. And it’s delish’. Exactly what I crave. Not plain water, but water with a little splash of sweetness without the funky taste from plain coconut water. Easy peasy.

Oh. And I may or may not add some coco cubes to my cocktails too. And to my lemonade. Hey. It’s good so it’s okay. Mmkay?

(Oh. and I ‘love’ Vita Coco)

Bottoms up!


Healthy lemonade

Healthy lemonade

Don’t mind the gnome. He’s the star of our apartment and it was only a matter of time before he made his first appearance on the blog. His name is Guido, in case you’re interested. He’s a bit cheeky, but we love him anyways.

After making healthy Sprite, it was only a matter of time I tried to make healthy lemonade. But seriously, if we’re talking plain lemonade: just. Don’t. Realz. As a former unhealthy soda addict (Boo), these bubbly recipes are the greatest thing. Ever. It feels like you’re doing something naughty. Like, drinking unhealthy soda. But um… You’re not! It’s healthy-ass good for you and your sweet tooth! I mean. Vitamin intake and so on.

You’ll need:

  • an orange
  • a lemon
  • sparkling water
  • stevia
  • a frozen berry (or two) that substitute as a tasty ice cube (and it adds a splash of pink)

Again it’s easy: squeeze the orange and squeeze the lemon. I thus use a sifter to make sure there is absolutely nothing but liquids in my glass! No pulp for this miss. Add some stevia (to taste. The more the sweeter. Obvi.) and add sparkling water. Now stir and…

Bottoms up!

Oh. And during the weekend, I may or may not add a splash of wodka. Skinny cocktail = Party Purrrrfection! Njam.

Xo, Kirsten

Super sweet and healthy pink lemonade

Healthy Soda

This drink is the, seriously. I love it. I renounced Soda a while ago. Totally. I don’t drink it anymore. Ever. I just drink  tea (loads of tea. Apple, cinnamon and raisin from Pickwick FTW!) and water. And occasionally I drink juice or ‘healthy’ iced teas like the pretty-ass bottles from Arizona pomegrante or the honey one (though they’re usually still sugar loaded, and I rather cheat with chocolates than with iced tea).

And no. I don’t drink diet coke or diet anything for that mather. I did, but now I don’t. Why? Because it’s: eww/barf/sick super unhealthy. EVEN the diet versions. Don’t drink it. It’s no good. Believe you me, I’m an ex coca cola binge drinker and also ex diet coke addict. I feel way better ever since I banned both of them from my life. The break up wasn’t easy. Dang, did I miss the sugar in the beginning! But I said buh-bye to nasty-ass soda and started ‘drinking clean’. (I do love a glass of wine every now and then. But it’s worth the cheat, and hey, at least there is fruit in it… :))

Anyhow, I recently started looking for clean soda recipes. Sure glad I did! I had my first try-out today and I’m in love. It tasted so soda-ish and I did not feel guilty whatsoever. 🙂 We had tortilla wraps tonight, and they seemed to be an exquisite match with the home made lemonade. It felt a little like drinking a cocktail a long with it. And I do love a mojito with tortillas. Oh, during the weekend you can add a couple of wodka splashes to make it a real cocktail experience. But I already had enough to drink these past few days, so just plain soda for me this time.

So, here is the bubbly little pink lemonade recipe:

You’ll need (Serves one big-ass glass or two small ones)

  • Sparkling water
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • Some frozen blackberries
  • Stevia (add to taste)
  • Ice Cubes to serve (if you want)


Really? Ok. here we go: stir and enjoy. That easy! 🙂

Oh, I sieved the lemon and lime juice before adding it to my glass. Not pulp fan. I know it’s a kiddo habit to not want pulp. But hey, lemonade is a kiddo drink. So it’s allowed. But you gan pulp away if you prefer pulpy drinks. No prob.

Oh. And let’s talk benefits. This isn’t just a low cal and healthy soda-option. It’s super beneficial for your killer body. Let’s spill:

Lemon – helps neutralize free radicals and contains antibacterial properties.

Lime – weight reducer (I heart Lime) and benefits the skin (again: I heart Lime)

Blackberries – super high in vitamins and antioxidants

And. It’s pink. PINK.

Bottoms up!

xo, Kirsten