Skinny Fish sticks

Skinny Fish Sticks

Jah. You read that title right. I made home made HEALTHY-ass skinny fish sticks. And they were the

I had a crave, but did not want to give in. So I decided to meet my crave by making my own clean and super healthy version. And guess what: I tasted even better than the gross/fatty/greasy real deal. Hah. Beat my crave real classy and wisely I’d say. Kirsten vs. Fast Food: 1-0.

When I was a little girl we always had ‘Dirty Fridays’, ‘Vettige Vrijdag’ in Dutch – or literally translated greasy fridays, but Dirty Friday has a better ring to it – which ment we ate something quick and not so healthy just because it was friday. And mostly because my mamske did not feel much for cooking any big dinners that one day a week. And because: TGIF!

I loved it.

Off course. (Back then I still was a die hard ballet-girl, so one greasy/dirty day a week did not make all that much of a difference.) One of my favorites on the Dirty Friday menu was Fish Sticks with fries or with mash. Yum. And whilst I was reminiscing those fridays last week, my crave came to life.

Enters, my healthy and skinny version. Happy Dirty Friday babies! 🙂 Oh yes yes. I know it’s wednesday today. But in this way you can go out and shop all the much needed skinny fish ingredients. Like. Way ahead y’all.

You’ll need (serves two, about 405 kcal pp)

  • 300g cod fillet, cut into neat fish-stick-look-a-like bars
  • 40g quaker oat flour (shredded oats)
  • two egg whites
  • 200g of frozen spinach (or fresh if you prefer that)
  • 200g of parsnip (and I may or may not have added a potato, they BF added lots)
  • 1 tbsp of coconut oil
  • nutmeg
  • Himalayan pink salt and pepper


Take out the spinach so it can defrost.

Brush the egg white on the cod fillet bars. Add some salt and pepper on top. Roll them in the oat flour afterwards until thoroughly coated. Add a pan on a high heat with some coconut oil and fry the fish sticks until they look golden and crispy.

Meanwhile steam the parsnip (and potatoes).  Add them with the spinach and mash together with salt and pepper and some nutmeg. I also added some coconut oil to make sure I had a creamy mash.

Serve and eat up your guilt-free Dirty Friday dinner.

Thank me later!

xo, Kirsten


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