The day after crackers

Avo egg white crackers

When I feel the need to act majorly healthy-ass to compensate a big-ass unhealthy meal from the day before (oops.) I usually tend to go for a salad or crackers for lunch the day after.

But. Even with few ingredients you can have a low calorie fiesta on your plate. Like. No biggie to cut down for one day.

Sunday I was in need of small portions and healthy meals the whole dang day through (after lots of bubbly drinks and sushi the day before. And I may or may not have eaten some candy too. Ok. Not some. A lot.)

It’s an easy lunch. But. Just wanted to share it with you guys in case you’re ever lost for inspiration and in need of a quick and healthy lunch option. It’s delish. Obvi.

Avocados are a MUST on your weekly menu. Sure, they are high in fatty calories, but their benefits weigh out the cals. I mean, they contain healthy fats. Your body needs fat. Low fat diets are so 90’s. Yeh. Keep that in mind!

I did skip the yolk this time, because I already got enough fat from the avo and wanted a lot of omelet. So low cal egg whites were the way to go. But you can add as much yolk as you want.

You’ll need (serves one, 350 kcal)

  • Two Krag spelt crackers (spelt, so gluten free. You could go whole wheat too if you want. Just don’t pick nasty-ass white bread or crackers! You – and your belly – may thank me later)
  • ½ avocado
  • 3 egg whites
  • Pink Himalayan salt
  • Pepper
  • Curry powder


Now easy. Bake the egg whites. I scrambled them, because I think an egg white omelet looks a bit strange. It’s like an enormous white pancake. Scrambled looks way tastier. Add salt and pepper to taste and some curry powder.

Now add the eggs on top of the crackers with some avocado slices.

Finish with a good amount of pink salt and pepper and some more curry powder.

You’ll love.

I promise.

xo, Kirsten


One thought on “The day after crackers

  1. hi Kirsten, have you thought about adding the “Pin it” button? i would love to be able to pin this great idea for a simple healthy lunch. thanks, Chloé (

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