Super sweet and healthy pink lemonade

Healthy Soda

This drink is the, seriously. I love it. I renounced Soda a while ago. Totally. I don’t drink it anymore. Ever. I just drink  tea (loads of tea. Apple, cinnamon and raisin from Pickwick FTW!) and water. And occasionally I drink juice or ‘healthy’ iced teas like the pretty-ass bottles from Arizona pomegrante or the honey one (though they’re usually still sugar loaded, and I rather cheat with chocolates than with iced tea).

And no. I don’t drink diet coke or diet anything for that mather. I did, but now I don’t. Why? Because it’s: eww/barf/sick super unhealthy. EVEN the diet versions. Don’t drink it. It’s no good. Believe you me, I’m an ex coca cola binge drinker and also ex diet coke addict. I feel way better ever since I banned both of them from my life. The break up wasn’t easy. Dang, did I miss the sugar in the beginning! But I said buh-bye to nasty-ass soda and started ‘drinking clean’. (I do love a glass of wine every now and then. But it’s worth the cheat, and hey, at least there is fruit in it… :))

Anyhow, I recently started looking for clean soda recipes. Sure glad I did! I had my first try-out today and I’m in love. It tasted so soda-ish and I did not feel guilty whatsoever. 🙂 We had tortilla wraps tonight, and they seemed to be an exquisite match with the home made lemonade. It felt a little like drinking a cocktail a long with it. And I do love a mojito with tortillas. Oh, during the weekend you can add a couple of wodka splashes to make it a real cocktail experience. But I already had enough to drink these past few days, so just plain soda for me this time.

So, here is the bubbly little pink lemonade recipe:

You’ll need (Serves one big-ass glass or two small ones)

  • Sparkling water
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • Some frozen blackberries
  • Stevia (add to taste)
  • Ice Cubes to serve (if you want)


Really? Ok. here we go: stir and enjoy. That easy! 🙂

Oh, I sieved the lemon and lime juice before adding it to my glass. Not pulp fan. I know it’s a kiddo habit to not want pulp. But hey, lemonade is a kiddo drink. So it’s allowed. But you gan pulp away if you prefer pulpy drinks. No prob.

Oh. And let’s talk benefits. This isn’t just a low cal and healthy soda-option. It’s super beneficial for your killer body. Let’s spill:

Lemon – helps neutralize free radicals and contains antibacterial properties.

Lime – weight reducer (I heart Lime) and benefits the skin (again: I heart Lime)

Blackberries – super high in vitamins and antioxidants

And. It’s pink. PINK.

Bottoms up!

xo, Kirsten


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