Food snob alarm.


So, it turns out I’m a food snob. Not that I want foie gras, truffles and caviar on my plate though (at least not on a daily base). Nope. I’m the kind off snob that turns her head away in a disapproving grimace whenever around nasty-ass chemical food/drinks or products. And has a (very) strong opinion about them.

Like really, I’m turning into a total (wannabe) skinny-bitch-little-miss-know-it-all. Let’s just say, lately, I read and know a little too much about food in overall. And now comes the worst part: I’m not all that skinny and I often eat nasty-ass things. I put them in my mouth, enjoy them for a nasty split second and then feel super sorry. (I guess a lot of woman can relate to this lil’ confeshion)

The thing though, I know what’s good and what’s bad. And I know exactly what I’m putting in my mouth or shouldn’t be putting in my mouth. (Hey, it’s a start!) But I recently realized that I’m that person. You know, that person that needs to say it out loud and tells everyone (I might even sound a little scornful too) surrounding her what they are putting in their mouth WHILST putting it in their mouth. Takes away some of the enjoyment of eating a melocake when someone might mention along the way, out of their big mouth, that it’s a huge-ass fattifying 70 kcal for one cake. And you’re better off eating 70 kcal’s worth of nuts instead of that melocake because you’re body will absorb all the nasty chemical ingredients which will make you feel tired, bloathy, fat and as an extra: it might give you breakouts. (still craving that cake?) Not to mention the sugar-high.

Like, I’m a pain in the ass. For your sweet tooth. I’ll ruin it. Seriously. Ruin. It.

And. This is real life. That happened. Someone currently kinda hates me for ruing their one-melocake-that-week-moment.

I’m also turning into the person that judges (again, scornfully) what other people eat or what they’re cooking. When they think they’re preparing something ‘healthy’, I’ll nonchalantly spill out the endless list of all the things that are not so healthy as they believe them to be. While they’re eating it. Also, when anyone goes on a diet and is stupid enough to tell me about it, I’ll give them first hand tips and tell them exactly what they’re doing wrong. I won’t stop. I’ll start a serious “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change” rant with a million tips and tricks you’ll prob forget the minute after. (Don’t do sugar free aspartame stuff though you guys. Really. Don’t.)

I know. It’s bad. It’s sad. BUT. Here’s the deal: the more educated on food I become, the crazier I get. And I love it. Can’t help it. I’ve learned so much about food through reading (the internet is such a magical foodie place) that I HAVE to share my knowledge with my so called unaware friends. It’s like word vomit. Healthy word vomit nonetheless.

Luckily for me, I found my match. My boyfriend never minds me ranting about calories, homemade minced meat and stevia. He knows a lot too. Only he knows when to shut the F*** up. And I don’t. I’m a share bear. Share my knowledge to anyone who doesn’t want to know.

I just love to talk about food. It’s always on my mind. Hence the blog. And I’m also a huge muncher (you know, the one who always has food in her mouth. Carrots, mints, nuts, dried fruits, cherry tomatoes and so on. And a handbag filled with small pots that contain food.)

Anyhow: Point proven: I’m a food snob.

So that being said. Time for a piece of chocolate! (Dark. Sugar free. 70% cacao. That’s right!)

xo, Kirsten



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