Shrimp and fruit curry

Shrimp curry with fruit

Things with sauce are always better. They are. Always. But are they healthy? Most of the time not so much. And offcourse I’m not talking tomato sauce peeps. Du-uh. Usually sauce consists of cream, wine and loads and loads of butter. Good sauce? (The one granny makes with leftover meat grease) It’s one 100% attributed by unhealthy ingredients. Thank God there are ‘healthy’ sauces too. Like this one. Greek yoghurt instead of cream? You won me over when mentioned ‘Greek’. It’s my preferred cream swap. Really, Greek Yoghurt is the Best cream understudy. Works every time. I also use it when ‘mayo’ is needed. No one needs mayo when there’s greek yoghurt available. So, here is my healthy tip of the week: use GY whenever cream or mayo is needed. Easy peasy. You may thank me later.

I adore an eastern meal like the next person. But most of them are with all sorts of complicated don’t-know-how-to-pronounce-them ingredients and basically just A LOT of ingredients over all and usually it takes ages to prepare. Not a fan. But this one isn’t any of the above. It always receives compliments when made for company (My BF made a ‘mmm’ sound the whole meal through). I learned it from my mamske, who learned it from my grandfather (not her dad though, my dad’s dad. You follow?). And now I’ll spill it all. Oh. And it’s super easy and quick. Seems to be my catch phrase – subconsciously – down here ‘easy and quick’. Y’all love that, don’t you?

You’ll need (serves two people, about 464 kcal)

  • 30g of butter (Jep, butter this time, not cocnut oil. Could work though?)
  • 1 yellow onion
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 red apple
  • 1 banana
  • 20 shrimp
  • 1 pot with Greek Yoghurt
  • 1 tbsp Quaker oatmeal flour (put oats in a food processor and shred until it looks like flour)
  • 250g cauliflower rice (put cauliflower in a food processor and shred until it looks like rice)
  • pepper
  • 1 tbsp curry powder


Mix the oatmeal flour with the curry powder. Add the shrimp and make sure they are thoroughly covered with the mix. Set aside.

Peel and cut the onion into small pieces. Put a large wok pan on a heat together with the butter. Add the onion and the garlic clove, squeezed or cut up into small pieces.

Meanwhile cut the banana and apple into the smallest pieces possible. Add them to the onion together with the shrimp. Stir  them carefully. Add the Greek yoghurt with some pepper and leave to simmer for about 2 to 5 minutes. Actually. Until your shrimp look pretty orange (or is it pink?).

Put a large pan on a high heat with some coconut oil. Add the cauliflower rice Stir Fry while your curry is simmering.

Now serve in a big bowl with some mint or parsley on top. Delish’!

Bon appetit!

xo, Kirsten


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