DIY minced meat

Since I usually make my own mince, I thought I’d share a ‘how to’ here. That way, I can always refer to this post whenever I make minced meat. And you guys can still choose if you want to buy readymade minced meat from the supermarket or if you want it home made, which is way healthier. 😉

Anyhow, it’s easy peasy to make it. I have to warn you though, it’s a little dryer then regular mince. But I prefer it because I know everything that’s inside of it (not much 🙂 ). Wereas if you buy it from a supermarket, it’s filled with shady ingredients and the ‘meat’ are mostly leftovers. I say: eww!


First pick you meat, obviously you’ll need lamb fillet if you want minced lamb, chicken breasts if you want minced chicken and veal with porc fillets if you want mixed mince and so on. For a two person serving I’ll usually take little over 300g of meat. Because it sticks to the sides of the food processor you’ll probably end up with 300g of minced meat. 🙂

Cut up your meat into chunky pieces. Put them into a food processor together with one egg and a good amount of salt and pepper. I often add some harissa or other spices, because I prefer thoroughly seasoned mince. Start shredding until it looks like mince. (Jup, that’s how easy it goes!)


All there is left to do is to bake and serve it. (Or add some extra herbs like cilantro through your chicken mince: yum!)

xo, Kirsten


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