Meet ‘courghetti’


I’m ready to share my favorite carb swap with you. I know we’ve already covered the bread bun to Portobello burger bun swap, the parsnip mash instead of potato mash and the sweet (oven roasted) potato fries instead of regular potato fries … But now, I’d like to share my absolute top notch carb swap with you: zoodles. Or as I like to call them in Dutch: Courghetti. Combines Courgette – zucchini – with Spaghetti.

I know pasta is not the way to go if you are looking to slim down a tad bit. On the contrary. Pasta dishes are usually my cheat eats, because they’ll make me look bloated and I’ll def gain weight the day after I ate them. Carbs maybe yummy, they stay on my tummy. And I have to admit, I’ve been eating like I wanted to look like a jolly Santa during the Christmas and New Years festivities. And now I have to pay the bill: slightly tight jeans and puffy (red) cheeks. 🙂 Sooo, back on track, healthy all the way (and also back into sporty spice mode)

Courghetti (or zoodles if you prefer) is great for whenever you’re craving dang carbalicious pasta but want to cut back on carbs. You’ll almost trick your mind into thinking you’re eating the real deal. It’s the greatest invention food wise since pasta itself. I’m serious. You can combine it with your favorite sauce (think: bolognese, carbonara, cheese,…) and still keep it a light and healthy meal. Which usually isn’t the case with pasta dishes.

Not much directions to it realy, but I have to admit a good tool to slice the zucchini is key. I have this easy tool where you pop in the zucchini, twist, and out comes the noodle looking zucchini. Otherwise, you’ll need to be an amazing cutter of some sort to get the same result. But a slicer with teeth will get you a long quite fine too.

Don’t use the seeds though. They are too soft to be anything like pasta. (you could, however, add them to your sauce if you don’t care to waste.) That’s why I’ll always count a zucchini per person when making courghetti. It’s light, remember, so you can easily eat one whole a person.

Pop them into a large pan with some pre-heated coconut oil or olive oil and stir fry until warm. Make sure you don’t fry them too long. You want your ‘pasta’ Al dente (with a little bite), not soft and  dewy.

And that’s all folks!

Easy peazy, lemon squeezy and absolutely delishious and guilt free!

xo, Kirsten


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