Italians do better burgers

Italian burger

Ok, so we often eat home made burgers during the weekend. Just because it’s easy, tasty and quick. Which makes them perfect for busy weekend evenings. Also, ever since we started to make our very own minced meat, they became to be a healthy treat. So why not? This time, we went a little Italian on the burger department. I guess they might be more suitable – taste wise – during summer… Then again: a burger on a ciabatta bun will always taste good not matter what season it is.

For the home made minced meat, check out this previous post for a how to. Otherwise, buy some mince from the supermarket. Alora, andiamo!

You’ll need (makes 2 servings, about 520 kcal pp)

  • 300g minced veal
  • 4 ciabatte buns
  • 1 medium zucchini
  • Mixed salad
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil
  • Feta cheese


Pre heat a grill pan on a high heat. Slice up your zucchini lengthwise and grill them. Put another pan on a medium heat. Prepare 4 burgers with the mince and fry them in your pan.

Your almost done about now. Cut open the Ciabatta buns, add some salad. Sprinkle some Feta cheese on top and add the burger. Now layer some slices of zucchini and close the bun. Done! Easy and quick saturday night dinner, right?

Buon appetito!

xo, Kirsten


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