Egg white omelet Lover

egg white omelet

Usually my agenda turns into one big dinner plan during the weekend. Because I have been a working class girl for over three years now, my weekday evenings have turned into: scheduled workouts (read: I take my bag with workout clothes to work and drive straight to the gym after work – to make sure I won’t end up on the couch ignoring my ready-made sporty spice bag in the corner), every Tuesday I’m eating at my mom’s place and on other days I’m being the best possible couch potato a girl can be. without any feeling of guilt whatsoever. So, I try to catch up with friends or go on date nights with the love of my life during the weekend. This means my weekends usually contain lots of unhealthy splurges. But, that’s what weekends are for, right? Though it’s tough, I try to watch what I eat while eating at home on those days. I don’t believe in skipping meals to buffer a big upcoming meal. I do believe you can eat as light as possible to compensate. Enters one of my favorite pre-cheat-meals: egg-white omelets!

I have to admit that I’ve been a fan without even knowing about the low calorie benefits. I’m a egg yolk hater. Ever since I was a kid, I always finished my egg whites and gave my yolk to my dad. With a sunny side up, I only ate the fluid part with a piece of bread, with a hardboiled egg I didn’t even touch it. And with a plain omelet, I was ok I guess, but it wasn’t my favorite way of eating an egg. Since I attended UCLA three years ago, I discovered the Californian way of eating an omelet: egg whites only. I felt like they must off thought about me when they created it. It was only until later on {I wasn’t interested in nutritional food facts back then. Like at all. I was a calorie counting or weight watching kind of girl without knowing who-what-where. I just counted what I ate without being bothered about it being healthy or not :)} I discovered how healthy the egg white only version is. So, here is my favorite omelet ‘recipe’ (not much to it really, so hence the quotation marks).

Oh, and I know lately people are saying you shouldn’t count calories. Just eat what you want but keep your portions under control. I say: do what suits you best. I like to count them. Mainly because I’m a muncher. I love food – probably the reason I started a foodie blog – and I want to eat as much as I possibly can, so I need some sort of guidelines in order to keep my munching under control. 🙂 But like I said, do whatever you prefer. I’ll always write down the calories for my recipes, for you to decide if you use them or not as a guideline.

You’ll need (makes one serving, 220 kcal):

  • 4 egg whites
  • 4 wasa crackers (I usually buy the lightweight ones)
  • Cherry tomtatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Turmeric spices (for the dutchies: kurkuma kruiden)
  • Salt and pepper


Put 4 egg whites into a bowl and add some turmeric, salt and pepper to taste. Now whisk them a little. Pre heat a pan on a medium heat and add some coconut oil. Add the egg whites. Now you can choose if you want to scramble them up or bake a plain omelet. I made an omelet, because I felt it was easier with my crackers.

Meanwhile slice up some cucumber and add pepper. Now you can layer some egg white omelet on top of your cracker with cucumber and some cherry tomatoes on the side.

Works for breakfast and lunch. Every once in a while I’ll also add a whole egg in there too. I just change it to one egg and two egg whites… Depends on how ‘active’ my day was and if I ever made it to the gym or went for a run outside. 🙂

Bon appetit!

xoxo, Kirsten


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