Yoghurt Parfait

Yoghurt parfait

This is my – at least at the moment – favorite breakfast. The best way to kickstart my day. I eat it almost every day. (Ok, it eat it every day. Besides on sundays, when I go for healthy banana pancakes) That’s how I usually roll, I discover a new ‘breakfast’, love it, and then eat it for weeks until I’m sick and tired of it. But this time, I just can’t imagine ever getting tired of this one. Breakfast perfection. BreakFEAST. It really tastes like dessert for breakfast, which is a perfect {in my opinion} breakfast before heading off to work. A little sweetness early in the morning never killed anyone. Especially when it’s healthy sweetness. I kid you not. So, I guess you could also eat it as a dessert?

My boyfriend turned 26 last wednesday, and I made him a big surprise breakfast. Besides eggs and salmon, buns and a white chocolate with praline filling (his favorite) I made my yoghurt parfait. He loved it too. So, without any further ado or blablabla from my side, here comes the recipe:

You’ll need (makes 1 serving, 350kcal)

  • Greek yoghurt (0% fat – I use ‘Total 0%’ yoghurt, which is 170g)
  • Banana
  • 20g Quaker Oats
  • Cinnamon
  • Stevia (or any other sweetener like sugar, honey, agave sirup,…)
  • Goji berries
  • 5g peanut butter (which is only a little, I know. But it’s high in calories, so I use just a pinch for taste :))
  • Fruit (I usually go for strawberries and raspberries, my favorites. But often add mango or blueberries)


Heat a skillet on a medium heat and add the oats. Meanwhile peel your banana and slice it lengthwise into two pieces. Don’t bother doing it neatly, it’s only for baking. They’ll end up in small pieces anyhow, because they won’t fit your glass or breakfast bowl otherwise ;). Move your oats to the side and put your banana in the middle. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top. Bake it for about two minutes on each side. You want it to caramelize and soften a bit. After you can mix the banana and oats together with a spatula. You’ll get sticky, caramelized looking oats. Some sort of mash I guess…

Meanwhile I mingle my greek yoghurt with some stevia . I love to make it as sweet as possible, so I’m not giving you directions on how much sweetener you should add to the yoghurt. You can do this to your own taste or not add any at all! 🙂

Mix through some Goji berries. I’ll dedicate a post to these berries later on, it’s a superfood you should really add to your diet. I eat them daily. The list of (healthy) benefits is endless. You can usually buy them in a health store, or, like I do, you can buy them at the market at a Moroccan stall (right next to the nuts and olives :)).

Now you can do it pretty like in the picture above, and layer your ingredients OR you can do like I usually do during weekdays – like when you don’t get up at 6 a.m. to make some breakfast perfection for the boyfriend – and throw the whole lot together in your favorite breakfast bowl :). Greek Yoghurt, baked banana and oats, berries and to top things of: a dash of peanut butter. I  usually add some extra cinnamon on top too {sweet tooth, remember}.

Bon appetit!

Oh, and do you like my table setting for the birthday boy? 😉

xo, Kirsten



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